I Left My Wallet in El Segundo

I've recently been considering enabling Google Wallet on my cell phone, but I've been apprehensive about getting further into bed with Google. So I've been using searching through Google (YEAH I KNOW SO SUE ME) to see if there's any downsides I may have overlooked.Google Wallet

Instead what I've found is many comments along these lines:

I'm so deeply thrilled that Google Wallet is a working and available option that I'm willing to pretend I'm not hindered by a lot of the service's "cons." I can turn a blind eye to the fact that Google Wallet is limited to only six specified phones, and that it will probably never work with iPhone. My guess is Apple will have to partner with (or acquire) a company to put an NFC chip in its future handsets.

Can somebody explain to me how Google adding a feature to the Android environment counts as anything near a "con"? Is there a snowball's chance in hell that a technology reporter would consider saying that Apple adding a feature to the iPhone 6 was a "drawback" because Android users (who now outnumber iPhone users) wouldn't have access to it?

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Bad Apple

"Apple Rejects App Tracking Drone Strikes."

Thankfully, Apple decides for its users what "useful or entertaining" and "excessively objectionable or crude content" is.

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The Magic Clap

Waiting for the new album...

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My lawyer is so good, SO SO good

"Apple v. Samsung: Whose lawyers are earning more in the smartphone wars?":

Clearly, neither side is wanting. Having said that, court records show that Samsung's lawyers in this case are commanding a higher rate than those representing Apple. The fee motions filed so far indicate that Apple's lawyers, from the firm of Morrison Foerster, are billing an average of $526 per hour [PDF]. On the opposite side, Samsung's lawyers hail from Quinn Emanuel Urquhart & Sullivan, and they are charging an average hourly rate of $592 [PDF].

On Team Samsung, partners are billing a median rate of $821, while associates are billing a median rate of $448. Partners working for Apple are billing a median rate of $582 per hour, with associates billing $398 per hour.

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CNN: Zimmerman balks at ABC interview after network rejects demands

The Inquirer: Google to remove 'torrent' from autocomplete search, says court

The New York Times: He’s Watching That, in Public? Pornography Takes Next Seat

Think Progress: Corporation That Paid Nothing In Taxes For Four Years Tells Congress It Pays Too Much In Taxes

USA Today: Bachmann accuses Muslim House member of Brotherhood ties


The future won't have checkout counters.

An estimated 7,630 people died in motor vehicle crashes in the first three months of 2012, up from 6,720 deaths in the first quarter of last year, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration said.

This is the whole point of my book, The End of Loser Liberalism: Making Markets Progressive. You don't have to agree with the whole story to agree with the basic point. We are not fighting over big or little government. We are fighting over whether government should serve the interests of the one percent or the broader population. We are doing the right's work for them when we allow them to pretend that the debate is over the principle of limited government.

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I'm too young to retire

"Carlos Slim's Remedy For World's Economic Woes: Lift Retirement Age To 70":

The world’s richest man has urged struggling nations to lift workers’ retirement age to 70 and privatize as many infrastructure assets as possible to help shore up their economies, Mexican press reported on June 12.

Mark my words, the right in this country is going to try to treat us as a "struggling nation."

Moreover, countries should have people work until they are older to reflect longer life expectancy rates, Slim reportedly said. He noted the ideal work schedule should be 10-11 hours three times per week for people over 60 to allow them to have more days to "innovate, create and cultivate themselves."

... and retired people can't do those things?

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Listen to me now, believe me later on in the future

"Corsi: If Obama Wins, 'People Like You And Me Will Be In Thought Education Camps -- If They Allow Us To Live'":

[I]f Obama wins, we do not have a First Amendment, we won't have a Fourth Amendment, we won't have a Bill of Rights, people like you and me we'll be in thought education camps - if they allow us to live, our families will be destroyed, private property will be confiscated. People think this is radical. All the plans are laid out and signed in executive orders.

Of course, Obama has already won, and this nonsense did not come to pass.

Nobody in the conspiracy camp is smart enough to figure out that Obama has been in office for almost four years now. Why would Obama wait until after he lost his 59 vote "majority" in the Senate and the Democratic majority in the House to hatch his evil plan to usurp (White) America? Wouldn't a Manchurian Candidate President strike when the iron was hot instead of when his target may be heading out of range?

What's really happening here is that Corsi and Jones are offering his audience weak justifications for their irrational hatred of Obama. I'm very anxious to see if and how different the next white male Democratic President will be received by these crowds - Bill Clinton only had to deal with Fox News towards the end of his Presidency, and then before they'd figured out the full details of their game plan.

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Throw in the towel, the devil is Colin Powell

I've tried to like Colin Powell, but it seems like he was in on lying us into Iraq, which I consider an unforgivable sin:

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Res ipsa loquitur

This is insane, even for the Washington Times:

Adam Nathaniel Yauch died Friday. If you're age 16-66 — maybe 106 — you know him as MCA, one-third of the Beastie Boys. He was 47. Way too young. But gone.

Now, half-white Barack Obama (exactly my age) didn't say a word, even though he was talking to college kids that day, but make no mistake, MCA was no Jay-Z or Kanye West. This guy was the real deal, groundbreaker, up from his bootstraps, Brooklyn boy made good. Funny the "coolest president ever" doesn't say a word about the passing of MCA. Weird and kinda sad, actually.

"Yauch was born an only child in Brooklyn, New York, the son of Frances, a social worker, and Noel Yauch, a painter and architect," Wikipedia says. "His father was Catholic and his mother was Jewish." Kinda like Barack, all over the place, half this, half that, and a tough life ahead from the outset. But nothing from the first half-white, half-black president (MSM has made him black — he's not; he's half-and-half. No, Trayvon Martin wouldn't have looked like his son.)

The president took time from his busy schedule to comment on the passing of black musicians. When Whitney Houston, a longtime crack addict, died this year, the White House put out a statement. "I know that [Mr. Obama's] thoughts and prayers are with her family, especially her daughter," press secretary Jay Carney said. "It's a tragedy to lose somebody so talented at such a young age."

And when accused pedophile and drug addict Michael Jackson died in 2009, the White House weighed in with the president's thoughts. "He said to me that obviously, Michael Jackson was a spectacular performer, a music icon," spokesman Roberet Gibbs said. "And his condolences went out to the Jackson family and to fans that mourned his loss."

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The Avengers


The finally have a movie with good action scenes. Although I liked the first fight scene with Whiplash in Iron Man 2, every fight in the Marvel Universe after Blade has been average at best.

Hulk vs. Loki is fight of the century.

Lots of laughs, almost all well integrated into the story. The conflict between the characters is really well done.

Stay through the credits. There are not one but two scenes, one midway through the credits, and another after they end.

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I can't believe we built this large pizza pie together

Why can't we Americans have nice things?

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FiveThirtyEight: Is Obama More Popular Than He Should Be?

On the Economy: Economic Models Need to Include Leverage…(duh)

The Nation: The Beltway Continues to Ignore GOP Radicalism

The National Memo: How The GOP’s Golden Boy Works His Con

TIME: Why Being Overweight Could Earn You a Lower Salary

"Assuming that [House Republican Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan's budget] keeps military spending in its historic range (he has indicated that he would), this implies the elimination of almost the whole federal government. His budget would leave no room for federal support of education, roads, bridges and other infrastructure, the federal court system, the Food and Drug Administration, the national park system and everything else associated with the federal government. It would have been useful to point this fact out to readers in a lengthy piece that attempted to give readers a sense of Representative Ryan's vision."

"Years before [George Zimmerman] stood at the center of an international storm over the killing of unarmed teenager Trayvon Martin, the Florida man used his page to complain about "mexicans" and celebrate a victory in a criminal case against him."

Saturday afternoon doesn't see so far away now, does it?

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America Eats Its Young

"Teenagers drinking hand sanitizer to get drunk" reports USA Today:

Teenagers are showing up in Los Angeles emergency rooms after drinking inexpensive liquid hand sanitizers to get drunk.

Cheap and easily accessible hand sanitizers contain 62 percent ethyl alcohol.

The Los Angeles Times says six teenagers have shown up in two San Fernando Valley emergency rooms in the last few months with alcohol poisoning after drinking hand sanitizer.

Some of the teens used salt to separate the alcohol from the sanitizer, making a potent drink similar to a shot of hard liquor. Distillation instructions can be found on the Internet.

Although there's only been a few cases, county public health toxicology expert Cyrus Rangan says it could signal a dangerous trend.

A very dangerous trend! Los Angeles county had a 2010 population of 9,818,605, 25% of which are 18 or under. Once six teenagers have gone astray, they all start to look guilty.

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Never give up

Al Franken says "There are no death panels." The resulting Fox Nation headline? "Al Franken Misinforms."

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The Avengers

The Avengers has gotten a stellar review from the Associated Press.

I have midnight premier tickets.

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That's the challenge we face in this race of poor and unemployed

The AP reports "Romney says Obama's jobs record a failure":

Mitt Romney on Thursday visited a factory shuttered when George W. Bush was in the White House, and said its lingering idleness marks a failure of President Barack Obama's economic policies.

"Had the president's policies worked it, would be open again," the Republican presidential contender told a small audience seated in the cavernous space. Obama visited the factory — then open — during his 2008 campaign for the White House, and Romney's aides chose the site specifically for its presumed political advantage.

So we should return to Bush-esque Romney economic plans? This guy can't articulate what he's going to do different than Bush economically. All he has articulated is a repetition of Bush: tax cuts (for the rich), deregulation, etc, etc.

Except for the political symbols brought in for Romney's speech — among them an American flag and a big sign that said "Obama Isn't Working," — the factory is a nearly empty, dusty shell of a plant where workers once turned out sheets of wall board used in housing construction.

I suppose we should blame Obama for the housing crises that shuttered this factory too. This guy has no chance.

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Beat the Press: Robert Samuelson Shows that the Post Has no Fact Checkers on Its Opinion Pages

FAIR: A Racist at National Review? Do Tell

The New York Times: U.S. Tightens Rules on Antibiotics Use for Livestock

Reuters: U.S. sues Apple, publishers in e-book price scheme

John McNeil killed a white man who assaulted him in his home. But, unlike George Zimmerman, he's serving life.

Mitt Romney will be the only presidential nominee since 1996 who left the primary season with a negative net approval rate.

Allen West later said "he's heard" up to 80 U.S. House Democrats are Communist Party members, but wouldn't name names.

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