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Hell froze over

"Barbara Walters, Shameless Hypocrite: Hits Kennedy Mistress for Greed, Tells Her She Should Have Stayed Quiet." Although it has little to nothing to do with "liberal bias", Newsbusters has a post with some merit to it. By the relentlessly inane Tim… more »
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Flippin' through the newspaper checkin' the news

"If 'he said, she said' journalism is irretrievably lame, what’s better?" Almost unbelievably, there's a pretty good attempt at answering that question in the article. more »
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Look at all these rumors, started by jealous people

"Why Did The New York Times Ignore The Biden 'Terrorist' Story?" Note the question mark in the Newsbusters post's title: this is posed as a question - and clearly one you're supposed to wonder about: Why did the Times ignore Politico's allegation that… more »
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Quote of the Day

[I]t’s looking as if the Murdoch empire is more evil than you could possibly imagine, even when you take into account the fact that it’s more evil than you can possibly imagine. --Paul Krugman more »
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Your whole career, was nuttin' but hype

NewsBuster: taking the liberal media to task for their "bias": Wednesday was Meredith Vieira's final day as co-host of NBC's Today. Since joining the broadcast in September 2006, she has brought staunch liberal advocacy to the morning news program,… more »
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All my life I been considered as the worst

Now that Katie Couric's tenure at CBS seems to be at its end, NewsBusters has seen fit to run my favorite bit, "Katie Couric Leaving the CBS Evening News; Look Back at Her Worst Bias". Just how bad was old Katie, at her absolute worst? “Republicans… more »
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Worst. Post. Evar

"Brokaw Feels for Obama: No President in 'My Adult Lifetime' Has Had to Face So Many Problems" (emphasis in original): Tom Brokaw appeared on Tuesday's Today show to offer his analysis of Barack Obama's Libya policy, as well as his sympathy for a… more »
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Quote of the Day

"Bozell Statement on Olbermann Firing": Editor's Note: The following is a brief statement released by NewsBusters publisher and Media Research Center (MRC) president Brent Bozell earlier today regarding MSNBC firing Keith Olbermann. It couldn’t have… more »
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Murderous medical supervision

"Krauthammer: Dems Sneak In Medicare 'End-of-Life Counseling'" reports the hapless Tim Graham In the Washington Post on Saturday, Charles Krauthammer explored in his column how Team Obama is governing around Congress through regulatory agencies. Re… more »
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More fatal than second hand smoke

"Study: 99% of Children Living in Apartments May Be Exposed to Secondhand Smoke" from TIME: There are fewer and fewer places where smokers can light up these days, with smoking bans being instituted by governments and private companies in virtually… more »
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Link of the day

"Reminder: Conservative media criticism is completely fraudulent." See, that's what I've been trying to say . . . more »
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Quote of the Day

"Black Leadership Group Slams Liberal Group For Trying To Silence Andrew Breitbart" reports the Personal Liberty Digest: A group that promotes freedom of speech for African-Americans has expressed disgust following liberal backlash against the… more »
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Daily WTF

"NewsBusters is the leader in documenting, exposing and neutralizing liberal media bias." more »
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Funny Vibe

Rachael Maddow on Letterman: more »
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FOX Weekend: FOX News Sunday

Chris Wallace is far more independent an operative than one would guess. I'm not giving the guy so much props as noting that he doesn't just read the party lines in his questions. In a segment earlier today he had the audacity to note the real problems… more »
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FOX Weekend: Geraldo

Missed the begining of the show. Geraldo, for some reason, lets Alberto Gonzales say that the government has failed to protect Arizona from illegal immigration without comment. But immediately he goes to his panel and brings up the stats showing… more »
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FOX Weekend: Huckabee

This guy is just reading Republican talking points too. Not at all interesting - and way worse than Hannity. His first guest is billionaire Lynn Tilton who tells the hardscrabble story of being a single mother having to make her own way in the world as… more »
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FOX Weekend: Saturday

They just ran a bit on a black Republican, Michel Faulkner, who's challenging Charlie Rangel. Rangel represents Harlem in the House. They let him go on for just a minute about how bad Rangel is, but the only thing he said about his own candidacy is that… more »
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FOX Weekend: Glenn Beck

Beck is a horrible actor. Beck is starting off with the leaders of four Tea Party organizations. It's as lily white as you might imagine. The Tea Party believes in "physical responsibility." I did not know that! Beck disses the NAACP for their… more »
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FOX Weekend: Hannity

Evan Bayh is useless. Listening to Hannity is like listening to a book of RNC talking points, and yes, that means it's just as boring as it sounds. What's the appeal of this guy? I'm going to have to find a right-winger and ask about that. He shows 20… more »
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