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There's Not a Problem My Squad Can't Fix

"Krugman: Our Economic Catastrophe Could Be Solved Easily" more »
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Listen to me now, believe me later on in the future

"Corsi: If Obama Wins, 'People Like You And Me Will Be In Thought Education Camps -- If They Allow Us To Live'": I vacillate between thinking that people like Corsi actually believe this tripe or take their audience for fools. [I]f… more »
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Never give up

Al Franken says "There are no death panels." The resulting Fox Nation headline? "Al Franken Misinforms." more »
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That's the challenge we face in this race of poor and unemployed

The AP reports "Romney says Obama's jobs record a failure": Mitt Romney on Thursday visited a factory shuttered when George W. Bush was in the White House, and said its lingering idleness marks a failure of President Barack Obama's economic policies.… more »
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Some of the things I know, will be in your next Bible

From "Romney confronted over Mormon doctrines": Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney was confronted at a town hall meeting here Monday by a young man who read from the Book of Mormon and asked Romney whether he agreed with his church’s on… more »
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In any country, prison is where society sends its failures

Conservatives enjoy taking a "tough on crime" posture, so you might wonder why a hardcore conservative rag like The New Republic would publish "Injustice System" by Conrad Black: The United States has 5 percent of the world�s population, 25 percent… more »
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Politicians Gone Wild!

"Politicians Losing Their $#%!: The Megamix [NSFW]" more »
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Something I Can't Explain

"Conservative group calls for Obama to replace actor as campaign video narrator." Some call it Obama Derangement system. The only thing I can think of is that the right is so desperate to get a scandal going against Obama that this is the best they can… more »
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There was something so pleasant about that phase

"Why Conservatives Are Still Crazy After All These Years." Somebody should write a book on this. There's one book I've read - that I've plugged on this blog before - which covered the Reagan years. Obviously, I'm the target audience for a book… more »
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Watch your mouth when you talk about me

"George Will Blasts GOP Candidates' Meek Response." My guess is that this scandal will blow over, he's issued his fake apology and he will emerge unscathed because he's a useful idiot that makes a lot of other people money. more »
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"Andrew Breitbart dead at 43 of natural causes at UCLA hospital." more »
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"A new controversy erupts." My favorite bit: notice the lack of females in the strip. more »
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The government's an addict with a billion dollar a week kill brown people habit

"For Conservative Media, Iran Is Always A Year Away From Having Nukes." The worst thing about the run-up to the war in Iraq is that it set such a bad precedent for the current run up to war in Iran. Nobody who lied us into war in Iraq has suffered any… more »
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Yuk of the Day

Normally, I wouldn't approve, but Trump doesn't deserve better. more »
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'cause blacks are too f'n' broke to be Republican

"How to Listen for Racism on the Campaign Trail" writes Jeffrey Goldberg: Here are some things you could learn about black Americans from the recent statements and insinuations of Republican presidential candidates, Republican congressmen and Repub… more »
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You can interview but they ain't callin' you back

"Texas woman talks to President Obama in Google Plus 'hangout'" reports McClatchy: Jennifer Wedel was one of five people selected to take part in a live video chat Monday with the president through the "hangout" feature on Google Plus, the search e… more »
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At shows I spit flows with seven deadly venoms

Robert Reich's "7 Lies" more »
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Your ideas are intriguing to me and I wish to subscribe to your newsletter

The Washington Post reports that "Ron Paul signed off on racist newsletters in the 1990s, associates say": Ron Paul, well known as a physician, congressman and libertarian , has also been a businessman who pursued a marketing strategy that included… more »
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I give the rich a giant tax loophole, I leave the poor living in a poophole

USA Today reports that "Gingrich slams Obama for tax on millionaire": Newt Gingrich used a speech on Latin America today to take a dig at President Obama's State of the Union speech. Obama said anyone making $1 million should pay at least 30% in… more »
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Stop lyin'!

Dredging up a past that Newt Gingrich has worked hard to bury, the GOP presidential candidate's second ex-wife says Gingrich asked for an "open marriage" in which he could have both a wife and a mistress. In an interview with ABC News' "Nightline" sc… more »
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