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Normally, I wouldn't approve, but Trump doesn't deserve better.

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'cause blacks are too f'n' broke to be Republican

"How to Listen for Racism on the Campaign Trail" writes Jeffrey Goldberg:

Here are some things you could learn about black Americans from the recent statements and insinuations of Republican presidential candidates, Republican congressmen and Republican-friendly radio personalities:

Black people have lost the desire to perform a day’s work. Black people rely on food stamps provided to them by white taxpayers. Black people, including Barack and Michelle Obama, believe that the U.S. owes them something because they are black. Black children should work as janitors in their high schools as a way to keep them from becoming pimps. And the pathologies afflicting black Americans are caused partly by the Democratic Party, which has created in them a dependency on government not dissimilar to the forced dependency of slaves on their owners.

This is just the candidates, during campaign season. Gingrich isn't worried about turning off black voters, few will vote for him anyway. "The real question is why so many blacks still belong to the Democratic Party" asks Larry Elder, a question I see commonly posed in the conservative blogosphere.

The most likely answer is that it's not only the candidates that insinuate that blacks are inferior, but so do their pundits.

Ginrich et. al. in the upper echelons of the Republican elite are willing to denigrate black folks for political gain, but many black conservatives are willing to give anyone a run for their money in outright denigration of black folks for the sake of making black folks look bad. "African-Americans have been brainwashed into not being open minded, not even considering a conservative point of view" says Herman Cain.

"Why do blacks vote Democrat" asks Right Black. "[B]ecause there are so few responsible black men!" is, you guessed it, the answer. When blacks aren't deluded, they're lazy: "today’s tacit idea is too often that black people should not have to work as hard as everyone else, as a kind of payback" according to John McWhorter. Thomas Sowell takes the idea one step further:

Professor Ogbu's book is devastating in a different way. It is a study of the racial gap in students' school performances in Shaker Heights, an affluent suburb of Cleveland. Whether measured by grades, test scores, or the quality of courses taken, black students lagged consistently behind white students.

Why? Black teachers, white teachers, black students and white students all give essentially the same answer: Black students simply do not work as hard.

None of this should be a surprise to anyone who has taught black students, especially if they have also taught white students and Asian students. Nor should it be a surprise to anyone who has read John McWhorter's book "Losing the Race." Although Ogbu failed to mention either this book or its author, he is essentially testing the McWhorter thesis that black students do not put forth the efforts needed to succeed.

It's not a stereotype that black folks are lazy, it's the truth.

If white people have such faults, they go unmentioned.

And trumping them all is Jesse Lee Peterson, an embarrassment to humanity:

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You can interview but they ain't callin' you back

"Texas woman talks to President Obama in Google Plus 'hangout'" reports McClatchy:

Jennifer Wedel was one of five people selected to take part in a live video chat Monday with the president through the "hangout" feature on Google Plus, the search engine's social networking site.

Wedel asked why U.S. companies were allowed to use a controversial program to hire high-skilled foreign workers when her husband, Darin, has similar skills and can't find full-time work. Darin Wedel lost his job at Texas Instruments about three years ago.

"My question to you is to why does the government continue to issue and extend H-1B visas when there are tons of Americans just like my husband with no job?" she asked.

Obama offered that industry leaders have told him that there aren't enough of certain kinds of high-tech engineers in America to meet their needs. Jennifer Wedel interrupted him to explain that that answer didn't match what her husband is seeing out in the real world.

Hopefully, he just won't take "industry's" word for it. I've long been skeptical of these claims.

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The Founders

I read Forbes not because I think they have good content, but because even I can laugh at their often horrible copy editing and the ridiculousness of the business press. Usually I'm shown flagrant examples of the group think that prevents real innovation in corporate America. Another gloriously inaccurate quote got me laughing today:

Apple computers, iPhones, iPads, and multimedia software, like OSX, iOS, Quicktime, and WebKit, drive the Internet and wireless industries. (WebKit is an open software platform developed by Apple that most people have never heard of. But it’s crucial to Internet browsers and webpage development.) These devices allow people and companies to create content. They improve productivity and create new kinds of jobs. How many graphic designers would we have had over the years without the Mac?

As much as I dislike some of Microsoft's business practices, even I have to admit that it's far more fair to say that Windows "drives" the Internet far more than anything Apple products have (to any reasonable extent that any one operating system can accomplish such a vague feat.) It's a simple numbers game: up to 87.1% of internet browsers report running a version of Windows, versus up to about 15.6% for Apple.

Secondly, even a simple Wikipedia search shows that Apple didn't create or "develop" WebKit (by itself), they took the KHTML code from the KDE project and ran with it, just like they did with Mac OS X and FreeBSD. Why they get sole credit when Google has also been a major contributor to the project is left unexplained.

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At shows I spit flows with seven deadly venoms

Robert Reich's "7 Lies"

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Your ideas are intriguing to me and I wish to subscribe to your newsletter

The Washington Post reports that "Ron Paul signed off on racist newsletters in the 1990s, associates say":

Ron Paul, well known as a physician, congressman and libertarian , has also been a businessman who pursued a marketing strategy that included publishing provocative, racially charged newsletters to make money and spread his ideas, according to three people with direct knowledge of Paul’s businesses.

The Republican presidential candidate has denied writing inflammatory passages in the pamphlets from the 1990s and said recently that he did not read them at the time or for years afterward. Numerous colleagues said he does not hold racist views.

But people close to Paul’s operations said he was deeply involved in the company that produced the newsletters, Ron Paul & Associates, and closely monitored its operations, signing off on articles and speaking to staff members virtually every day.

“It was his newsletter, and it was under his name, so he always got to see the final product. . . . He would proof it,’’ said Renae Hathway, a former secretary in Paul’s company and a supporter of the Texas congressman.

Why doesn't anybody ask Paul who did right them? Is he claiming he was so unaware of his own business that he not only didn't write the articles, but he can't find out who did?

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I give the rich a giant tax loophole, I leave the poor living in a poophole

USA Today reports that "Gingrich slams Obama for tax on millionaire":

Newt Gingrich used a speech on Latin America today to take a dig at President Obama's State of the Union speech.

Obama said anyone making $1 million should pay at least 30% in income taxes, and Gingrich said the economic destruction that would follow would look like Argentina's collapse under former president Juan Peron.

Gingrich said Obama's proposal attacks job creators and would lead to a "dramatic decline in the stock market" that would hurt Americans' pension funds and limit the willingness of wealthy individuals to start new businesses, which would prompt them to further invest overseas.

"There's a chance the president just didn't understand what he said," Gingrich said. "If in fact he meant what he said, I think it's an enormous problem."

Because Bush's tax cuts led to a great economy, amirite?

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Stop lyin'!

The Associated Press reports that "Ex-wife says Gingrich wanted 'open marriage'":

Dredging up a past that Newt Gingrich has worked hard to bury, the GOP presidential candidate's second ex-wife says Gingrich asked for an "open marriage" in which he could have both a wife and a mistress.

In an interview with ABC News' "Nightline" scheduled to air Thursday night, Marianne Gingrich said she refused to go along with the idea that she share her husband with Callista Bisek, who would later become his third wife.

Hammond, the Gingrich spokesman, told the AP on Thursday afternoon that the candidate had never asked for an open marriage.

"Divorces are very tough and people have very different recollections of how things happen," he said.

"Different recollections" covers who bought the dishes or spent more money on vacations.

She says he directly asked to be able to screw around, he says he never did that. One of them is, say it with me!, lying their ass off.

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The lights dim, your life ends

As an apparent exercise in self-contradiction, Dennis Prager presents "Ron Paul and America's Alleged Racism"

In the Republican presidential candidates’ debate on January 7, Congressman Ron Paul said: "I’m the only one up here . . . that understands true racism in this country is in the judicial system."

He said this racism has to do with "enforcing the drug laws," and then added: "They [blacks] get the death penalty way disproportionately."

Two groups immediately defended Paul – his supporters, and commentators on the Left. The former support anything Paul says; and the Left supports anything that Paul says that portrays America as ugly.

The claim that America disproportionately executes blacks is a falsehood, disseminated on virtually every Left-wing website from the ACLU to all the anti-death penalty sites. The only way it can be regarded as true is if the disproportion is in relation to the entire population of the country: Blacks make up about 12% of the population and since 1976 have been about 35% of those executed for murder. But this is a statistic that tells no truth because it is meaningless in terms of determining alleged racial bias.

Fine, except... the ACLU doesn't say that: their site claims that America disproportionately kills those who have executed whites. Big difference. But the funny part is when Prager continues:

According to the Death Penalty Information Center, an anti-death penalty organization, between 1976 and January 2012, 441 blacks (35% of the total) and 717 whites (55% of the total) were executed. Given that blacks committed more than half the murders during that time (52% vs. 46% by whites), if we are to assess racial bias based on proportionality of murderers executed, the system is biased against whites, not blacks.

Because this fact is both obvious and irrefutable, virtually none of the anti-death penalty sites note it. Instead they focus on the race of murder victims and even the race of prosecutors – in other words, the race of just about everyone except those convicted of murder.

Wait, what? First he says that anti-death penalty web sites concentrate of the race of perpetrators. Then he quotes an anti-death penalty website for information he claims you can't find on anti-death penalty websites.

THEN he says that anti-death penalty advocates focus on "just about everyone except those convicted of murder" after he claims that those same websites lie all the time ... about those people convicted of murder. How is that even possible?

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Star Wars movie deal like Han Solo

The New York Times discusses George Lucas's new movie, Red Tails in "George Lucas Is Ready to Roll the Credits"

Lucas first heard the story of the Tuskegee Airmen from a friend, the photographer George Hall, in 1988. It appealed on a visceral level — "I’m a fan of fast things" — and also because, despite criticism that "Star Wars" was too white, Lucas has always had an interest in civil rights. Back in the 1970s, Lucas almost cast an African-American as Han Solo (Glynn Turman, who played the first Baltimore mayor in "The Wire").

... which is more than Woody Allen can say.

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Just bu-bu-buggin' out, losin' it all, no sense

Try and reconcile these two statements coming from the same person:

I know, Obama's not just a nice guy who's in over his head. Obama has a plan. Obama's plan is based on his inherent belief that this country was immorally and illegitimately founded by a very small minority of white Europeans who screwed everybody else since the founding to get all the money and all the goodies, and it's about time that the scales were made even.

And that's what's going on here. And that's why the president is lawless, and that's why there is no prosecution of the Black Panthers for voter intimidation, because it's not possible for a minority to intimidate the white majority. It's not possible. It's always been the other way around. This is just payback. This is "how does it feel" time. That's how he seems himself, pure and simple.

He doesn't see himself as a capitalist reformer saving a stupid automobile company. He sees this is his opportunity to take it away from the people who founded it and give it to the people he thinks have a moral right to it because somehow they have been taken advantage of, used, exploited, paid unfairly, what have you. Yeah, it's socialist.

-- Rush Limbaugh 1/11/12

ow let me ask you a question. How many people really think of Obama as black? I mean, apart from Chris Matthews, who's obsessed with that? One of Obama's parents was black. Undeniable. But he was raised by a white mother, by white grandparents, he went to a highly exclusive private school in Hawaii with rich white students and white teachers, he went to exclusive colleges that were practically lily white.

Barry Obama is from a very white, albeit radical left, cultural background. He's not from da 'hood. He's not from the movement. Although I'm beginning -- you know, maybe he's right. Maybe he's right. Everything is race for him -- the race for the presidency, he can play upon his race and skin color to get reelected. Surely he will, surely he is now. So it's all about making himself a victim. I'm telling you, there's a chip on this guy's shoulder and it, folks, it is a factor in every policy decision he makes, every agenda item that he has.

Rush Limbaugh - 3/3/11

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Size Ain't Shit

This isn't productive.

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To forget what I'm owed

From "Obamas Think They're 'Owed' Lavish Lifestyle 'Because Of What's Been Done To' Them And Their 'Ancestors'" via County Fair:

Today on his radio show, Rush Limbaugh trotted out a new theory on the guiding prerogative of the Obamas. Limbaugh claimed part of what motivates President Obama and the Democratic Party is "the pursuit of money without having to work for it." He then said that the Obamas view their time in the White House as "an opportunity to live high on the hog without having it cost them a dime." Not content to leave it at that, Limbaugh elaborated, adding that the Obamas justify this by thinking "we deserve this, or we're owed this because of what's been done to us and our ancestors." Limbaugh concluded that if Democrats and the Obamas "don't know how to earn a lot of money working for it, they'll go someplace where they can legally steal it."

Rush can apparently read minds. The readings are about as accurate as you'd expect considering that Obama is not a descendant of slaves - which means no sane person has any idea what "what was done to us and our ancestors" means.

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You take the workers from jobs, you gonna have murders and mobs

MSNBC reports "Jobless rate up, but crime down: What gives?"

Americans, take solace: While your chances of landing a job these days might not be great, you’re also less likely to be murdered, or robbed or to have your car stolen.

The rate of major crimes in the U.S. continues to drop – even during the recent recession and its aftermath – and crime experts aren’t sure why.

"I am surprised by the overall decline in both violent and property crime during and since the recent recession. I’ve studied crime trends in relation to economic conditions for some time, and the 2008-09 recession is the first time since WW II that crime rates have not risen during a substantial downturn in the economy,” says Richard Rosenfeld, a professor in the Department of Criminology and Criminal Justice at the University of Missouri-St. Louis and past president of the American Society of Criminology.

“What’s pushing it down is the mystery meat in the recipe of recent years,” says Franklin Zimring, a criminologist and UC Berkeley law professor who has written several books on crime-related topics.

Hell, I dunno either. But I'm interested into theories as to why this is true. The article posits that the lack of inflation may be the key, that's about as good a guess as I can come up with.

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Comic Book Resources: The Top 50 Most Memorable Covers of the Marvel Age Master List

Gawker: Attract Government Spies By Tweeting These Words

L.A. Times: Should porn stars be required to wear condoms? Voters may decide

Matt Taibbi: How Banks Cheat Taxpayers

Skeptical Science: The Debunking Handbook Part 3: The Overkill Backfire Effect

"For years, the advice to the overweight and obese has been that we simply need to eat less and exercise more. While there is truth to this guidance, it fails to take into account that the human body continues to fight against weight loss long after dieting has stopped. This translates into a sobering reality: once we become fat, most of us, despite our best efforts, will probably stay fat."

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Link of the Day

"Just Wow!"

More like "Holy Shit!"

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Forbes: Top 10 Political Scandals Of 2011

Political Animal: Ron Paul had racist direct mail, too

USA Today: Federal agency finds defects in ballot scanners

I still won't use Java.

"A group of Southern Californians who insist President Barack Obama was born in Africa and should be ousted from the Oval Office had their case thrown out by a federal appeals court Thursday, but vowed to press their conspiracy theory with judges at the top of the judicial chain."

"A Chinese court sentenced a veteran activist Friday to nine years in prison for inciting subversion, in what appears to be the most severe punishment handed down in a crackdown to prevent the spread of Arab Spring-style democratic uprisings."

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They don't really care about us

The Associated Press reports on Ron Paul in "Paul's anti-establishment campaign draws crowds":

Confronted by a tearful breast cancer survivor on how he would ensure health insurance companies did not discriminate on the basis of a pre-existing condition, Paul suggested she rely on churches and charitable hospitals to ensure her continued care.

Does your church have $20,964 laying around? Does your entire family?

"You can't say to the insurance company, 'You have to insure me no matter what I have, I've had a prior disease,'" Paul said. "It's like me being on the Gulf Coast and not buying wind insurance until the hurricane's right off the coast."

One common theme in people like Paul's vision of the world is that they prefer to label individuals as being irresponsible, in situations that to me or you may be corporate malfeasance or bad luck or a down economy.

It's no surprise that he condemns imaginary people that don't want medical insurance until they get cancer, but doesn't mention the incredibly common practice of insurance companies dropping customers as soon as they get sick.

The woman, Danielle Lin, 35, of Iowa City, said she had been ready to caucus for Paul until hearing his answer.

"There has to be a middle ground, there has to be regulation to protect American people from corporations," Lin said. "I love Paul's ideas, but there just has to be someone who gets the human piece of this."

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Being Mr. Scrooge on Christmas

"Scrooge: The First 1 Percenter."

They've sunk far enough to laud Ebenezer Scrooge.

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Bass! How low can you go?

"Obama Called ‘Skinny, Ghetto Crackhead’ On Fox News."

How long do you think Sean Hannity's show would last if four times in one sentence, he made a comment about, say, the President of the United States, and said that he looked like a skinny, ghetto crackhead? Which, by the way, you might want to say that Barack Obama does. Everybody on the left would come forward and demand he be fired within five minutes for being so insulting towards a leader of the United States.

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