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FOX Weekend: Saturday


FOX Weekend: Saturday

They just ran a bit on a black Republican, Michel Faulkner, who's challenging Charlie Rangel. Rangel represents Harlem in the House. They let him go on for just a minute about how bad Rangel is, but the only thing he said about his own candidacy is that he wanted to stop black folks from being so "dependent on the government." No comment on whether white folks, being better and all, need such weening.

How he ranked his own segment when his karaoke fund-raiser was empty and he has no chance of winning is, you guessed it!, beyond me.

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Comment from: Junta Kinte [Visitor]
Junta Kinte

I find it ironic when any politician says that he doesn't want people dependent on the government, or that the government shouldn't/can't create jobs, or that government is the problem, etc. etc. At its heart it is borderline anarchist, but another thing irks me:

They're running for office! THEY ARE LITERALLY APPLYING FOR A JOB WITH THE GOVERMENT! It's like going on an interview and telling the person interviewing you that you want the job because hiring you means that the company will suck just a little less.

...hey. That may not be a bad idea.

07/31/10 @ 18:18
Comment from: ragamuffin [Member]

Al Franken put it better: Republicans run on the platform that government doesn't work, get elected, and prove it.

07/31/10 @ 18:50
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