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FOX Weekend: FOX News Sunday


FOX Weekend: FOX News Sunday

Chris Wallace is far more independent an operative than one would guess. I'm not giving the guy so much props as noting that he doesn't just read the party lines in his questions. In a segment earlier today he had the audacity to note the real problems Sarah Palin is going to face when she loses the Republican nomination in 2012. One could argue he's just trying to give his guests a chance to respond to obvious objections but I think he's taking it just a bit farther than that.

I loved the letter sections. Both letters were people complaining about last week's show, where Howard Dean accused FOX of racism in the Shirley Sherrod video. The first letter says Dean needs to "look at a timeline", but neglects to say what he'd see. The second one says he needs to get his facts straight, and doesn't mention what Dean got wrong.

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