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"DMCA Copyright Policies: Staying in the Safe Harbors While Protecting Your Users"

Consider, for example, the effect of YouTube's termination policy on animal-rights advocates Showing Animals Respect and Kindness (SHARK). SHARK videotapes rodeos in order to expose animal abuse, injuries, and deaths and posted more than two dozen videos to YouTube to publicize animal mistreatment. In December 2008, the Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association (PRCA) filed baseless DMCA takedown demands for 13 of the videos. YouTube promptly removed the videos and, following its policy, canceled SHARK's entire YouTube account, removing all of SHARK's uploaded videos from the site and leaving SHARK unable to post new videos. SHARK counter-noticed and the account was restored – but not before SHARK had been silenced for weeks in the middle of the end-of-year fundraising season.

The DMCA needs a provision so people who file frivolous takedown messages can be sued.

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Comment from: grygus [Member]

Our legal system needs a provision so people who use it frivolously become targets themselves.

02/15/11 @ 05:55
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