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Quote of the Day


Quote of the Day

"Here Comes The Judge!"

Back in 1993, my company Milestone Media had just launched its new line of comic books. From our cramped, dingy and yet incredibly high-rent Manhattan offices, we labored to turn out four comics a month. But it wasn't all hard work. Sometimes for instance, we got cranked. Our office Manager Christine Gilliam buzzed my partner, Derek Dingle.

"There's a call for you on line 2. It's Clarence Thomas."

Derek wasn't amused. "I see. Tell him I'll call him back."

Christine took the message. Several hours later, intern Jason Scott Jones, who surely should have been doing something better with his time, took a look at the phone number on the message: Washington area code. Could this possibly be for real? Derek decided to call and see. I decided to watch, as did everyone else in the office. The line rang once, and was instantly picked up.

"Justice Thomas' chambers."

"This is Derek Dingle from Milestone Media, returni…

"He's expecting your call, one moment please."

Instants later, Derek is chatting away with a Supreme Court Justice who, it turns out, was a big comic book fan in his younger days, collecting, among other favorites, almost a complete set of Marvel's Rawhide Kid. Then came the jaw-dropper. Justice Thomas had just called to let us know he was a big Milestone fan. He really liked Hardware, he said, but his favorite was Icon, a title that featured a character who is, like himself, a black conservative. There was more to the conversation but I missed most of it due to the small stroke I'd just had. The thing is, while Clarence Thomas likes my stuff, I most decidedly don't like his stuff. Look, I'm politically to the left of… well, everybody, actually. On the other hand, Justice Thomas is a truly uncommon creature, a black political conservative. Now, if you only see black men on cable news talk shows, where all black men are conservatives (Thomas Sowell, Shelby Steele, Alan Keyes, Armstrong Williams) you probably don't think this is unusual. Well trust me, it is. It's really quite difficult to find an African-American who (like Justice Thomas) was alive during Jim Crow, who actually saw the Voting Rights Act end legal discrimination at the polls, and who is the successful beneficiary of Affirmative Action (but now says that he's against it). It was easier to justify my character Icon having those beliefs; he's also a space alien who can fly.

--Dwayne McDuffie

May he Rest in Peace.

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