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Worst. Post. Evar


Worst. Post. Evar

"Brokaw Feels for Obama: No President in 'My Adult Lifetime' Has Had to Face So Many Problems" (emphasis in original):

Tom Brokaw appeared on Tuesday's Today show to offer his analysis of Barack Obama's Libya policy, as well as his sympathy for a president who has experienced more "unexpected circumstances" than any Oval Office occupant has seen in his "adult lifetime." Today co-host Matt Lauer prompted the former NBC Nightly News anchor to tell the audience what he told him right before going on air - that he couldn't "recall a time where a president has faced a confluence of events, like the confluence of events taking place right now."

Brokaw, who did qualify his response noting that FDR did have his share of "challenges," went on to specify that from the Libya crisis, to the disaster in Japan, to the budget fight he's never seen a president have it so bad, as seen in the following March 29 Today show exchange:

NewsBusters is about the worst blog ever. This site, which bills itself as "the leader in documenting, exposing and neutralizing liberal media bias" (with a straight face) pretends that liberal bias is so obvious that it doesn't even need explaining, just "documenting". If you read Brokaw's quote, it is arguably true. The size and enormity of the financial meltdown Obama inherited was largely "unexpected", but I'm more than willing to hear an argument about how that opinion is not correct.

If Geoffrey Dickens has a problem with it, he doesn't bother to explain what that problem is. Or why it's "liberal bias" to call it unexpected.

Likewise, maybe there was a President more "beleaguered" than Obama in Brokaw's "adult lifetime." There's an opportunity to educate those who'd agree with Brokaw here, but NewsBusters, as usual, passes that opportunity by without comment.

Maybe what Brokaw said really was idiotic. Maybe Brokaw is an idiot. Maybe he's got his facts wrong.

NewsBusters won't help you decide which, as the reader is constantly left wondering how and why Brokaw is wrong, because most posters on that site are too lazy to lay out a counter argument. Time after time they quote some seemingly innocuous observation or opinion under the assumption that it was motivated by "liberal bias" and leave it at that.

Just lazy.

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