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CNN: Former transit cop convicted in California subway shooting to go free

Cracked: 5 Reasons Internet Access in America is a Disaster

Paul Krugman: It�s the Health Care Costs, Stupid

Happy 10th Birthday, Bush Tax Cuts! You've been a failure in every conceivable way.

"[R]esearchers found that those who had attended preschool were 28% less likely to develop alcohol or other drug problems or to wind up in jail or prison in adulthood, compared with kids who did not go to preschool. What's more, their odds of being arrested for a felony were cut by 22% and they were 24% more likely to attend a four-year college. Incomes in adulthood of those who attended preschool were also higher than those for the children who did not."

"If you don't get a raise, steal a bunch of shit and chuckle to yourself about your new bonus package."

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