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Every banker is a f'in thief


Every banker is a f'in thief

"Obama Goes All Out For Dirty Banker Deal"

Senator Sanders for President.

  02:59:00 pm by Ragamuffin, Categories: Politics


Comment from: grygus [Member]

Oh damn. That's a strong closing sentence.

08/25/11 @ 17:48
Comment from: ibotobob [Visitor]

My analysis as of this morning was that Obama doesn't understand that politics actually affects people in the real world. The roads he doesn't build not only affect the deficit as he seems to understand, they also affect the roads that don't get built (the part he's not seeing). But somehow my analysis didn't include the other observation: when it comes to the pockets of banks and bankers as opposed to real objects and construction workers, he is very well concerned about his policies effects in the real world.

If it didn't mean risking a republican president, I would so much welcome a Democratic alternative candidate. I don't think that Obama will realize that he should step down, and I don't see a way for a successive alternative Democratic candidate in a system where the presidency is essentially bought.

08/26/11 @ 10:11
Comment from: grygus [Member]

It's that last bit that really concerns me: what if... what if Obama really IS doing the best job possible?

08/26/11 @ 15:24
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