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Flippin' through the newspaper checkin' the news


Flippin' through the newspaper checkin' the news

"If 'he said, she said' journalism is irretrievably lame, what’s better?"

Almost unbelievably, there's a pretty good attempt at answering that question in the article.

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Comment from: grygus [Member]

This entry sent me on a Wikipedia-type chain of links, ending with an hour long interview of Jon Stewart by Rachel Maddow, which was more interesting than frustrating, but nevertheless both. The idea that journalism is a lost art seems to me to miss the point; I don't think reporters are worse than they used to be. I think that expectations are different, and they are simply doing what is expected, just as Walter Cronkite did.

The problem is the audience. Until someone has the courage to directly address that, this will never be resolved.

09/28/11 @ 19:53
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