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Daily Caller: Herman Cain: The liberal media forced me out of the race

Raw Story: Violent crime down 6.4 percent in U.S. in 2011

Reuters: Political Punchlines

"A day after a government forensic expert testified that he’d found thousands of diplomatic cables on the Army computer of suspected WikiLeaks source Bradley Manning, he was forced to admit under cross-examination that none of the cables he compared to the ones WikiLeaks released matched."

George Will doesn't know what a strawman is. Neither, apparently, does Newsbusters.

"Yes, after the success of [Pixar's] first few movies we had a hunch you'd continue to enjoy the wonderfully designed animation and our smart, lyrical writing, but I didn't think we'd create a horde of drooling morons ready to drop everything just to watch a fucking rat cook dinner."

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