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They don't really care about us


They don't really care about us

The Associated Press reports on Ron Paul in "Paul's anti-establishment campaign draws crowds":

Confronted by a tearful breast cancer survivor on how he would ensure health insurance companies did not discriminate on the basis of a pre-existing condition, Paul suggested she rely on churches and charitable hospitals to ensure her continued care.

Does your church have $20,964 laying around? Does your entire family?

"You can't say to the insurance company, 'You have to insure me no matter what I have, I've had a prior disease,'" Paul said. "It's like me being on the Gulf Coast and not buying wind insurance until the hurricane's right off the coast."

One common theme in people like Paul's vision of the world is that they prefer to label individuals as being irresponsible, in situations that to me or you may be corporate malfeasance or bad luck or a down economy.

It's no surprise that he condemns imaginary people that don't want medical insurance until they get cancer, but doesn't mention the incredibly common practice of insurance companies dropping customers as soon as they get sick.

The woman, Danielle Lin, 35, of Iowa City, said she had been ready to caucus for Paul until hearing his answer.

"There has to be a middle ground, there has to be regulation to protect American people from corporations," Lin said. "I love Paul's ideas, but there just has to be someone who gets the human piece of this."

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Comment from: ibotobob [Visitor]

His answer is probably the best explanation why health insurance has to be mandatory.

12/23/11 @ 16:15
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