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Stop lyin'!


Stop lyin'!

The Associated Press reports that "Ex-wife says Gingrich wanted 'open marriage'":

Dredging up a past that Newt Gingrich has worked hard to bury, the GOP presidential candidate's second ex-wife says Gingrich asked for an "open marriage" in which he could have both a wife and a mistress.

In an interview with ABC News' "Nightline" scheduled to air Thursday night, Marianne Gingrich said she refused to go along with the idea that she share her husband with Callista Bisek, who would later become his third wife.

Hammond, the Gingrich spokesman, told the AP on Thursday afternoon that the candidate had never asked for an open marriage.

"Divorces are very tough and people have very different recollections of how things happen," he said.

"Different recollections" covers who bought the dishes or spent more money on vacations.

She says he directly asked to be able to screw around, he says he never did that. One of them is, say it with me!, lying their ass off.

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Comment from: Junta Kinte [Visitor]
Junta Kinte

""Different recollections" covers who bought the dishes or spent more money on vacations."


01/20/12 @ 22:04
Comment from: grygus [Member]

Problem is, ex-spouses can be bitter, implacable enemies. I don't think we automatically know which one is lying.

Newt clearly doesn't really think he needs permission, after all.

01/21/12 @ 12:06
Comment from: AngrySquirrel [Visitor]

We definitely don't automatically know which is lying... but we can be reasonably certain of who has more to gain by lying (or more to lose by telling the truth, if you want to look at it that way), and therefore a stronger motive.

01/23/12 @ 09:09
Comment from: nm,;bhsdgdgh [Visitor]

^who would that be?

one is wagering his candidacy and the other is going for attention with possible book deals, interviews, reality show appearances and revenge against an exbf.

I think the better the better question is "Should we give a fuck?", and the answer is 'no'. Newt was a joke well before this shit. If you doubted his legitimacy then I could call this the icing on the cake, but it would be an insult to icing.

01/25/12 @ 03:05
Comment from: AngrySquirrel [Visitor]

One stands to lose what is probably his last legitimate shot at reviving his political career; the other stands to lose a few opportunities that she never really had in the first place, and would therefore be no worse off than she was before. I'm not sure how the two are comparable.

But no, we definitely shouldn't give a fuck, and Gingrich's real accomplishment in all this has been to draw attention to just how off the mark he really is.

01/27/12 @ 19:48
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