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The Founders


The Founders

I read Forbes not because I think they have good content, but because even I can laugh at their often horrible copy editing and the ridiculousness of the business press. Usually I'm shown flagrant examples of the group think that prevents real innovation in corporate America. Another gloriously inaccurate quote got me laughing today:

Apple computers, iPhones, iPads, and multimedia software, like OSX, iOS, Quicktime, and WebKit, drive the Internet and wireless industries. (WebKit is an open software platform developed by Apple that most people have never heard of. But it’s crucial to Internet browsers and webpage development.) These devices allow people and companies to create content. They improve productivity and create new kinds of jobs. How many graphic designers would we have had over the years without the Mac?

As much as I dislike some of Microsoft's business practices, even I have to admit that it's far more fair to say that Windows "drives" the Internet far more than anything Apple products have (to any reasonable extent that any one operating system can accomplish such a vague feat.) It's a simple numbers game: up to 87.1% of internet browsers report running a version of Windows, versus up to about 15.6% for Apple.

Secondly, even a simple Wikipedia search shows that Apple didn't create or "develop" WebKit (by itself), they took the KHTML code from the KDE project and ran with it, just like they did with Mac OS X and FreeBSD. Why they get sole credit when Google has also been a major contributor to the project is left unexplained.

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Comment from: grygus [Member]

Listen, that's what the guy at the Apple Store said; you are just a hater.

01/27/12 @ 17:42
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