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'cause blacks are too f'n' broke to be Republican


'cause blacks are too f'n' broke to be Republican

"How to Listen for Racism on the Campaign Trail" writes Jeffrey Goldberg:

Here are some things you could learn about black Americans from the recent statements and insinuations of Republican presidential candidates, Republican congressmen and Republican-friendly radio personalities:

Black people have lost the desire to perform a day’s work. Black people rely on food stamps provided to them by white taxpayers. Black people, including Barack and Michelle Obama, believe that the U.S. owes them something because they are black. Black children should work as janitors in their high schools as a way to keep them from becoming pimps. And the pathologies afflicting black Americans are caused partly by the Democratic Party, which has created in them a dependency on government not dissimilar to the forced dependency of slaves on their owners.

This is just the candidates, during campaign season. Gingrich isn't worried about turning off black voters, few will vote for him anyway. "The real question is why so many blacks still belong to the Democratic Party" asks Larry Elder, a question I see commonly posed in the conservative blogosphere.

The most likely answer is that it's not only the candidates that insinuate that blacks are inferior, but so do their pundits.

Ginrich et. al. in the upper echelons of the Republican elite are willing to denigrate black folks for political gain, but many black conservatives are willing to give anyone a run for their money in outright denigration of black folks for the sake of making black folks look bad. "African-Americans have been brainwashed into not being open minded, not even considering a conservative point of view" says Herman Cain.

"Why do blacks vote Democrat" asks Right Black. "[B]ecause there are so few responsible black men!" is, you guessed it, the answer. When blacks aren't deluded, they're lazy: "today’s tacit idea is too often that black people should not have to work as hard as everyone else, as a kind of payback" according to John McWhorter. Thomas Sowell takes the idea one step further:

Professor Ogbu's book is devastating in a different way. It is a study of the racial gap in students' school performances in Shaker Heights, an affluent suburb of Cleveland. Whether measured by grades, test scores, or the quality of courses taken, black students lagged consistently behind white students.

Why? Black teachers, white teachers, black students and white students all give essentially the same answer: Black students simply do not work as hard.

None of this should be a surprise to anyone who has taught black students, especially if they have also taught white students and Asian students. Nor should it be a surprise to anyone who has read John McWhorter's book "Losing the Race." Although Ogbu failed to mention either this book or its author, he is essentially testing the McWhorter thesis that black students do not put forth the efforts needed to succeed.

It's not a stereotype that black folks are lazy, it's the truth.

If white people have such faults, they go unmentioned.

And trumping them all is Jesse Lee Peterson, an embarrassment to humanity:

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