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Ars Technica: Over 3 years later, "deleted" Facebook photos are still online

OS News: Microsoft Removes Start Menu, Button from Windows 8

Science Daily: Selfless Acts by Men Increase When Attractive Women Are Nearby

"And it turns out that US politics really is one-dimensional, that once you know where politicians stand on a scale that clearly has to do with taxation and the size of the welfare state, you can predict their votes very well. There used to be a second dimension, clearly corresponding to race; but once the Dixiecrats became Republicans, that dimension collapsed into the first."

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Comment from: ibotobob [Visitor]

pity they don't give a source for the plot, because as I understand it the census has a high income cutoff, so the gain for the top 1% would actually be underestimated with those data.

02/07/12 @ 11:45
Comment from: ragamuffin [Member]

That's my understanding too, but that's not census data. If you click on the picture you get a link to FAIR and from there a link (http://www.cbo.gov/doc.cfm?index=12485) to the CBO, who compiled the data from the IRS.

02/07/12 @ 16:05
Comment from: ibotobob [Visitor]

Ah, missed that second step.

02/08/12 @ 11:38
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