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You hate it but you know respect you got to give me


You hate it but you know respect you got to give me

  11:04:00 am by Ragamuffin, Categories: Entertainment


Comment from: grygus [Member]

This article starts with a kernel of truth and then takes it way too far.

The fact that Michael Jackson had five albums sell more than 20 million copies each (the Beatles did it once; the Rolling Stones never did) shows that the general public understands his genius just fine and doesn't give a shit who is on the cover of a magazine or what the critics say. Bitching about that shit is fine, but trying to turn it into a general statement on society robs the article of credibility.

As for historical artists, he would have had a point with Elvis Presley, but the idea that Louis Armstrong wasn't respected because people called Paul Whiteman the King of Jazz is just as disrespectful as the trends he's decrying! Whiteman didn't just appropriate jazz. Whiteman featured black people playing black music, and he orchestrated a music form that was all about improvisation. He brought jazz to the public. That's all worthless because he was white? You know who called Paul Whiteman the King of Jazz? Duke Ellington, that's who. I'm going to go out on a limb and say that if Ellington buys in, the title is legitimate.

Not that it fucking matters; white people love them some Louis Armstrong, regardless of whether he is performing live or on recording, is called King or Satchmo, is white or black. Michael Jackson had five albums sell over 20 million copies each. That is a lot more relevant than whether he was on the cover of some dumbass magazine read by, at most, 1% of the population.

I think this article has a real issue at the core but does it a disservice by pulling in a bunch of bullshit. Jackson gets all the respect he deserves where it matters. What the media says is literally meaningless. FOX has been teaching this lesson for a decade; are you paying attention?

02/13/12 @ 16:19
Comment from: gbmnvcn [Visitor]

The idea that MJ was anything but a media darling is absurd. Sure, he was portrayed as crazy as hell later, and from the nineties on he was more known plastic surgery and child molestation, but the only reason anybody even gave a damn about that is because he was so famous already.

The media definitely loves to shine a spotlight on falling stars as they start to look less than human, but to say that happened to MJ because he's black is silly. MJ was a child star. When do they not get screwed over in the end?

02/16/12 @ 22:30
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