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That's the challenge we face in this race of poor and unemployed


That's the challenge we face in this race of poor and unemployed

The AP reports "Romney says Obama's jobs record a failure":

Mitt Romney on Thursday visited a factory shuttered when George W. Bush was in the White House, and said its lingering idleness marks a failure of President Barack Obama's economic policies.

"Had the president's policies worked it, would be open again," the Republican presidential contender told a small audience seated in the cavernous space. Obama visited the factory — then open — during his 2008 campaign for the White House, and Romney's aides chose the site specifically for its presumed political advantage.

So we should return to Bush-esque Romney economic plans? This guy can't articulate what he's going to do different than Bush economically. All he has articulated is a repetition of Bush: tax cuts (for the rich), deregulation, etc, etc.

Except for the political symbols brought in for Romney's speech — among them an American flag and a big sign that said "Obama Isn't Working," — the factory is a nearly empty, dusty shell of a plant where workers once turned out sheets of wall board used in housing construction.

I suppose we should blame Obama for the housing crises that shuttered this factory too. This guy has no chance.

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