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Listen to me now, believe me later on in the future


Listen to me now, believe me later on in the future

"Corsi: If Obama Wins, 'People Like You And Me Will Be In Thought Education Camps -- If They Allow Us To Live'":

[I]f Obama wins, we do not have a First Amendment, we won't have a Fourth Amendment, we won't have a Bill of Rights, people like you and me we'll be in thought education camps - if they allow us to live, our families will be destroyed, private property will be confiscated. People think this is radical. All the plans are laid out and signed in executive orders.

Of course, Obama has already won, and this nonsense did not come to pass.

Nobody in the conspiracy camp is smart enough to figure out that Obama has been in office for almost four years now. Why would Obama wait until after he lost his 59 vote "majority" in the Senate and the Democratic majority in the House to hatch his evil plan to usurp (White) America? Wouldn't a Manchurian Candidate President strike when the iron was hot instead of when his target may be heading out of range?

What's really happening here is that Corsi and Jones are offering his audience weak justifications for their irrational hatred of Obama. I'm very anxious to see if and how different the next white male Democratic President will be received by these crowds - Bill Clinton only had to deal with Fox News towards the end of his Presidency, and then before they'd figured out the full details of their game plan.

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